10 Signs You Aren’t Ready For A Relationship

If you’re not happy with yourself, you don’t be happy with anyone else either.

Maybe the reason why you can’t seem to find any success in your relationships is that you just aren’t ready for one. There’s no point in trying to force the issue here. IF you aren’t ready to be in a relationship, then it’s never going to work out no matter how much love or effort you’re going to put into it. You have to start focusing on yourself and fixing the broken parts of yourself that badly need mending. You have to learn to grow and mature as an individual before you start taking on the responsibilities of a relationship.

A lot of people will be so desperate to get into relationships, they will blind themselves to the fact that they just aren’t ready for it. They will fool themselves into thinking that they are capable of handling the pressure that comes with being in a relationship only to find themselves crumbling in the end. Be wary. You might be one of those people. If you keep finding yourself on the losing side of relationships, then maybe you should take a break and reflect. Use this time to pore over your life and assess whether you’re really ready for a relationship or not. Here are a few signs that you just aren’t ready to be in a relationship yet.

1. You aren’t happy living the single life.

You can’t be in a relationship just so you can treat it as an escape from the single life. You have to develop a certain sense of happiness and contentment even though you’re single. You can’t use a relationship as an escape rope from unhappiness. You have to learn how to be happy alone before you can be happy in a relationship.

2. Your life isn’t exactly in order.

If you feel like you’re a complete mess at the moment, then maybe it wouldn’t be the best idea for you to be dating. Besides, if you’ve got too much on your plate as it is, maybe a relationship would only complicate things further for you.

3. You aren’t financially stable.

Relationships are expensive. Don’t doubt it. If you feel like all of your finances are all out and whack, then maybe you should take the time to have some sense of financial stability first. You don’t want to have your relationship crumble in the long run because of your money problems.  – Continue reading on the next page