12 signs that tell you she’s the woman you’ll be spending your whole life with

She’s THE woman for you!

Just once in a lifetime, you’ll meet this amazing girl, the one who makes your world light up just by being in it, the one who has stuck with you through thick and thin and the one you start imagining as your life partner. And when you come across this girl, you are sure to notice these signs in her:

1. Her presence inspires you to be better than you were yesterday, to strive and get more out of this life that we’re granted and to just reach newer heights every day.

2. You always went through life feeling like this emotionless guy. You felt like nothing in the world could make you break that strong exterior wall you had slowly built around you. But suddenly, this girl just makes you want to love, she makes you want to be truly happy and she even has the potential to make you cry. All these emotions that you never felt before are just so unreal and amazing.

3. You’ve noticed this one weird thing lately. Her smile makes you smile. Sometimes, you don’t even have any idea behind the reason for her smile but just the fact that she’s happy makes you even happier.

4. The same happens when she laughs. You just have to hear that laughter once and all your tensions and worries go away.

5. But that doesn’t mean she has to constantly smile and laugh just to keep you happy. No, the truth is that you just can’t get over how lucky you are. You just can’t stop feeling this constant happiness and contentment over being with this girl.

6. You feel like your souls are one.

7. All her emotions and different states are fascinating to you. You want to uncover the good, the bad and even the in-between because you know that you’ll absolutely adore each and every part.