12 signs that tell you she’s the woman you’ll be spending your whole life with

8. When you see her walking towards you, everything in the world just seems to fade away. No distractions, no work, no responsibilities, nothing. In that moment, it’s just you and her. You feel like you can just stand there looking at her your whole life.

9. You feel like taking her on a ride to all of the deepest, darkest corners of your mind and heart. You want to tell her things you’ve never told anyone in the world. She’s your favorite listener and your number one secret keeper.

10. Your whole life has started to revolve around her. Every thought you have, every decision you need to make and all of your future plans, you unconsciously incorporate her into all of it.

11. You find her appearing in your dreams almost every day. It’s like she’s the only thing you want to see anymore.

12. The intimacy you both share is something you’ve never experienced before. Just the simple touch of her skin makes your head spin around like crazy. You long just to kiss her, just to have her in your arms and once you do, you feel like you can never let go.