Sometimes Sleep Won’t Help

At times you dread going to sleep because you just can’t sleep. The harder you try to fall asleep, the worse it gets. It’s hard, I know. We’ve all been there, but that doesn’t mean we fully understand your situation. Read through and see what you feel relates to you. It’ll help and hopefully you fell better knowing you aren’t alone in the way you feel. Share this with someone who feels down.

1. It’s Hard

You’ve done the right thing, but for some reason you still wonder. Don’t second guess yourself.

2. Monsters And Nightmares

Sometimes, you are your own worst enemy. Remember that. The only way for you to have some peace is to give yourself that peace.

3. Memories

Sometimes when that special someone becomes a memory, all you wish for is to forget them. Cherish and learn from those memories instead.

4. Your Thoughts

Sometimes the way you feel about yourself worries you. It keeps you up. Just let that feeling go. Trust me. You’re doing better than you give yourself credit for.

5.Some people are so emotionally drained that sleep doesn’t do anything. You wake up tired. It doesn’t go away.